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Towing- Excitement at the Fortuna Bay Boat ramp Saturday, July 16th. There were six tow  trucks loading up vehicles at one time. None of the vehicles had PIPOA stickers. It was quite a  sight. A stir was created on social media. The members of the PIPOA are entitled to park their  vehicles and trailers on the boat ramp parking lots. The members pay for this opportunity via the  yearly Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees. The members have asked the PIPOA  administration to remove unauthorized vehicles from the parking lots. Authorized vehicles have  a PIPOA sticker on their vehicle and a sticker on their boat trailer. These stickers identify the  vehicles as owned by PIPOA members. 

There was a market in the park going on during this towing event. The organizers of the market  in the park have been instructed not to have their patrons park in the boat ramp parking lot. The  organizers have been very cooperative with this effort. The PIPOA parking lot monitor went to  the market in the park and announced that anyone with a car at the boat ramp parking lot must  

Boat Ramp- The Caravel Boat Ramp has been resurfaced and is open for use. The next boat ramp to be resurfaced is Cabo De Bara. The resurfacing will begin in September after Labor Day.

Theft- The flags at Billish Park have been stolen again. This is the third time the American and Texas flags have been stolen from the flagpole. It costs the PIPOA money to replace the flags and rope used to raise and lower the flags.

Short-term rentals (STRs) - On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, the Corpus Christi City Council met to discuss and vote on the new short-term rental ordinance. The ordinance passed by a vote of 7 for the ordinance and two against. The Council members voting for the ordinance were Mayor Paulette Guajardo, Councilman Greg Smith, John Martinez, Michael Hunter, Mike Pusley, Ben Molina, and Roland Barrera. The Councilmen that voted against the ordinance were Billy Lerma and Gil Hernandez.

Island Blast Fireworks Display
  • 03
  • Jul 2022

The show will be conducted on Sunday, July 3, 2022 near 13409 Whitecap Boulevard. The Island Foundation is the host organization that is accepting contributions. We look forward to having another great show on the Island!

Towing- Last week, seven vehicles and trailers were towed. There has been a significant  increase in the number of vehicles and trailers that have been towed over last year’s summer  season. The number of sticker sales is above last year’s pace. It appears that the growing  number of tourists visiting the Island has caused the increase in tows. Reminder, the PIPOA  makes no money from the towing of vehicles. You can purchase your sticker for $10 at the  PIPOA Office located at 14015 Fortuna Bay Drive. 

There is a problem with some condominium complexes. That is, the condo management is  telling short-term renters that they can go ahead and park their trucks and boat trailers on the  boat ramps. Unfortunately, the condo management is not providing the tenants with a PIPOA  trailer or vehicle sticker. Therefore, these poor folks are getting towed. Condo managers, please  buy stickers for your tenants. Please do not tell them to park on the boat ramps without stickers.  

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