Q. Can we rent our single family house on a daily or weekly basis?

You CANNOT rent your home for less than one month. If you rent your home, your renters need to be advised about our regulations on use of the boat ramps; garbage pickup; restrictions on polluting the canals; observing the “no wake” rules in the canals; and leashing and cleaning up after animals.

Q. Must plans be submitted for any construction on my property?

Our covenants require that any construction on Padre Isles property must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee BEFORE any construction is started. There is a fee connected with the submittal of plans for approval and inspection of on-going projects.

Q. Are boat ramp stickers renewed every year?

The sticker on the trailer must be renewed each year. The blue Padre Islander sticker does not have to be renewed, but must be on the rear window of any vehicle towing the boat trailer.

Q.What are the CAM fees used for?

The CAM (Common Area maintenance) Fees are due and payable each year in January. The fees are used to repair the bulkheads, dredge the canals, maintain the medians on major streets on the Island and manage the Association.

More Information

For information about the beach water condition go to texasbeachwatch.com