Community Expectations Checklist

  1. Lots must be maintained free of weeds and trash; bushes and shrubs should be trimmed and curbs clean.
  2. Garbage container and recycle container are to be placed on the street the morning of pickup and removed that evening. Trash pickup is Friday (exception could be holidays) and recycle collection is every other Friday. Be sure to check the material delivered with the recycle container.
  3. Bright lights on docks should be pointed down and not at houses across the canal.
  4. Barking dogs are a nuisance. Dogs must be on leash or behind a fence. Dog excrement must not be swept or discarded into the canal. Please pick up excrement and discard properly (from your yard or while you walk your dog.)
  5. Keep the canals clean! Grass clippings, palm fronds and fish remains are not to be put into the canals.
  6. If boat ramps are to be used, stickers must be obtained from the POA office and displayed on the trailer and vehicle.
  7. Trailers parked on the street must be hooked up to a vehicle.
  8. In case of an evacuation, renters may obtain re-admittance cards from the POA office.
  9. Please park with consideration for neighbors.
  10. All Canals are “no wake” areas with 5 mph maximum speed limit.
  11. Vacant lots are not to be used for dumping plant clippings, construction debris or Parking/storing boat trailers or any other vehicles.
  12. If you have any questions, please call the POA office at 361-949-7025 or check our website for information.