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  • News from the PIPOA - Drew Diggins, President

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    November 08, 2023

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    News From the PIPOA

    The next Padre Isles Property Owners Association board meeting will be held at the Wyndham Corpus Christi Resort, 15202 Windward Drive, on December 12, 2023 at 5:30 PM. The next ACC meeting will be held at the PIPOA office on December 7, 2023 at 5:30 PM.

    Bulkhead Repairs

    The Alchemist Group, LLC, is continuing bulkhead repairs at Hawksnest Bay Drive. They had some issues with materials last week, and the contractor expects the project will require an additional seven days to complete. The monthly Bulkhead and Repair Status Reports are posted to the PIPOA community website at If you have any information regarding failure of a bulkhead in the PIPOA (or a report that was not previously addressed), please contact the Association as soon as possible.

    Canal Connection

    LJA Engineering (“LJA”) is providing work to Diamond Beach, LLC, regarding the flow conditions in and around the Whitecap and Gypsy canal bridges. In a meeting with the Association, LJA shared preliminary findings that show the PIPOA bulkheads at these locations would see flow rates significantly greater than 2 Feet Per Second (“FPS”) during a winter storm rain event. According to LJA, flow rates greater than 2 FPS will scour and undermine the bulkhead and bridge supporting structures. The information shared with the PIPOA did not include any analysis of conditions during a more severe storm, tropical, hurricane or otherwise.
    In follow up communications with the PIPOA’s engineers, Anchor QEA has notified the Association that they expect to have their preliminary flow study completed for our membership review next week.

    Short-term Rentals

    As previously reported, the Association has received several requests for information about how to amend protective covenants to prohibit short-term rentals. The Board and PIPOA attorney are continuing work to prepare uniform language for members to use in a petition. The proposed amendment language will include a fine provision that will allow the PIPOA to enforce the prohibition. The PIPOA will leave it to the individual subdivisions to decide whether they will approve such an amendment.
    Another ongoing complaint of the membership has been the absence of enforcement of other provisions/prohibitions. The PIPOA will have uniform language for a separate provision for enforcement of other violations available for members to use in a petition. This will allow each subdivision to decide whether to pass one or both amendments for their neighborhood.