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  • News from the PIPOA - Marvin Jones, President

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    March 01, 2023

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    Full Transparency and Disclosure
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    As always, let me have your thoughts. You can reach me at or call me at 469-231-3485. You can also call the Padre Isles Property Owners Association (PIPOA) office with any questions you have at 361-949-7025.

    Board Meeting- On Tuesday, February 28, 2023, the Board held its monthly Board meeting. The following matters were considered and dealt with at the meeting. The Board passed a Motion to repave the Cobo De Bara boat ramp parking lot. With the completion of this project, all the ramps but the Encantada ramp will have been resurfaced. The Encantada ramp will not be resurfaced at this time because the City has plans to build a bridge over the canals adjacent to the Encantada ramp. The 2023 budget was approved by the Board. This budget will be placed on the PIPOA website. Due to the vandalism of the Billish Park playground spring riders, the Board found the cost to replace them to be excessive. The PIPOA will look into alternative forms of playground equipment for the children. The Board decided to have a trial test done on the cracks in the boat ramp underwater concrete. That is, epoxy will be put in some of the large cracks to determine if the epoxy product will stand up to weather and water conditions. The Board did not reach an agreement on a prospective contract with the bulkhead repair company, Torcsill. Therefore, bulkhead by this company remains at a standstill. A committee was appointed to review the potential criteria for dock extensions. The committee will be composed of members of the ACC and the Board.

    Bylaw Amendment- This is the Bylaw Amendment that will be on the upcoming ballot. Simply put, the amendment says that a subdivision that reduces or eliminates the Maintenance charge shall cease to qualify for membership in the PIPOA. The Board of Directors asks that members vote for this amendment to the bylaws. 1.01 MEMBERSHIP. Membership in the Association shall be limited to owners of record title of a lot within those certain platted subdivisions located on Padre Island, Nueces County, Texas, identified in Exhibit A attached hereto (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the “Subdivisions”) that are subject to a recorded Protective Covenants and Landowners Agreement or other dedicatory instrument that obligates the owners of lots in such Subdivision to pay an annual maintenance charge to the Association (the “Maintenance Charge Covenant”). Owners of lots in a Subdivision that terminates the Maintenance Charge Covenant or modifies the Maintenance Charge Covenant in such a manner that it eliminates or reduces the amount of the annual maintenance charge obligation to be paid to the Association by the owners of lots subject to such Maintenance Charge Covenant shall cease to qualify for membership in the Association and shall thereafter no longer be a member in the Association.

    Election Ballots- The ballots for this year’s election have gone to the printer. The ballots will be mailed out shortly. Please keep an eye out for them. Your vote for two Board Members is very important.

    The Padre Isles Property Owners Association’s Annual meeting is scheduled for March 25, 2023, at 10:00 AM at the Padre Island Baptist Church across from Whataburger. There are two seats on the Board up for election. Only one person signed up to run during the registration period. Therefore, there will be an opportunity for write-in candidates on the ballot, and nominations for candidates may be made from the floor at the meeting. If you are interested in being on the Board, here is an excellent opportunity.

    Marvin Jones