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  • News from the PIPOA - Marvin Jones, President

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    August 18, 2022

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    Full Transparency and Disclosure
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    As always, let me have your thoughts. You can reach me at or call me at 469-231-3485. You can also call the Padre Isles Property Owners Association (PIPOA) office with any questions you have at 361-949-7025.

    It was a quiet week at the PIPOA. We can all be grateful for the rain.  

    Towing- Last week, seven vehicles and three trailers were towed from the boat ramps. You must  have PIPOA stickers to identify you as a member of the PIPOA to park on the boat ramp parking  lots. Those that do not have a sticker will be towed. You can purchase your vehicle and boat  trailer stickers at the PIPOA office located at 14015 Fortuna Bay Drive. The vehicle sticker is  $5.00, and the trailer sticker is $10.00.  

    Boat- The PIPOA sent two PIPOA compliance persons around the canals last week. They  observed more than a dozen docks and decks in significant disrepair. A very polite letter is being  sent to the property owners pointing out the dangers of docks falling in the canal. You can see  this letter on the PIPOA website.  

    The PIPOA’s effort via the boat and observations was met with favor by the majority of property  owners. Of course, there were a few naysayers who generally criticize and complain about the  PIPOA. The PIPOA is not spying on anyone. The PIPOA does not own the boat. The boat will  be rented on an as need basis. The purpose of this program is to improve the level of safety in  our canals and hopefully prevent dangerous projectiles in the event of a storm. 

    Billish Park- The PIPOA Board has approved funding for the replenishment of the mulch in the  kid’s play area at Billish Park. The mulch serves as a cushion for the kids as they play. In  addition, the City has promised a shade structure and other amenities to be placed in Billish Park.  However, there is no date set for the addition of the shade structure.  

    Douden Park- I have had two conversations with the Assistant Park Director regarding  playground equipment for the kids. The Assistant Director says the equipment is stored in a  warehouse and awaits installation in the park. However, there is no date set for the installation of  the equipment.  

    Hurricane- This is hurricane season. Please prepare your property and make your plans to  evacuate. Please do not wait until the last minute. The City has on its website emergency plans  for evacuation and measures that can be taken in preparedness for a hurricane.  

    Boat Ramp- The Cobo De Barra boat ramp is scheduled for resurfacing in the first part of  September, after Labor Day. Stayed tuned for the exact dates.  

    Audit- The PIPOA has invited the auditing firm Park-Fowler to give a brief presentation at the  August Board meeting. All members are invited to attend and receive firsthand information.  Once again, the PIPOA has received a favorable audit report. The audit will be available on the  PIPOA website next week. 

    Board Meeting- The next PIPOA Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 23, 2022, at  5:30 pm at the Padre Island Baptist Church located across from Whataburger. All PIPOA  members are invited to attend.  

    Marvin Jones, PIPOA President