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  • Dock in Disrepair - Example Letter

  • Date:

    August 17, 2022

  • Details:

    Dear Property Owner,

    Your safety and the safety of your neighbors are primary concerns of your PIPOA. It has been observed that your dock/deck is damaged and in need of repair. The PIPOA requests you make the necessary repairs at the earliest opportunity to ensure safety.


    High winds and hurricanes may cause damaged docks/decks to become projectiles. The projectiles can cause damage to neighbors' homes, boats, and even your neighbors themselves. Even without a hurricane, pieces of damaged docks/decks may fall into the canal. This type of floating debris is a hazard to the boating community.


    The PIPOA is responsible for removing debris from the canal system. The expense of clearing the canals is significant. You and other members of the PIPOA pay for the removal of debris. By repairing your dock/deck, you will prevent debris in the water and save the PIPOA money.

    The PIPOA understands that you, the property owner, will incur an expense to make the necessary repairs. In some cases, the expense may be substantial. Therefore, the PIPOA recognizes the property owners may not be able to make repairs immediately. Please reach out to the PIPOA office and discuss the matter with the Executive Director, Gary Klepperich, either via email at or via phone at 361-949 7025.

    Your cooperation in this matter is genuinely appreciated by the PIPOA community.

    Best Regards,
    Marvin Jones, PIPOA President