Crime and Crime Prevention on the Island

There have been concerns raised around the island regarding crime and crime prevention. With the help of Corpus Christi Police Department, your POA has gathered data and crime prevention tips to share. Only 2% of the crime committed in Corpus Christi occurs on the Island. Well over half of the property crimes committed on the Island are called "Victim Assisted Crimes" or "Crimes of Opportunity". This is where the victim left valuable items in an unlocked car, unsecured in a yard or open garage, or an unlocked house. This information tells us that the Island is a safe place and that we can make it even safer by doing our part. CCPD and your POA encourage you to follow these crime prevention tips. 1) KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS- if everyone knows each other, it will be easier to spot suspicious vehicles, persons, and behavior. Neighbors can talk to each other about upcoming vacations or absences, and we can be watchful of our neighborhoods. 2) SECURE YOUR VALUABLES- remove valuable items from your vehicle or store them out of sight. Lock your doors. Close your garages. Some residents have had $500 coolers taken from their yards. You would not leave $500 cash out. We need to have the same consideration for our valuables. 3) REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY TO THE POLICE- if the police do not know when something is going on, they can do nothing to stop it.

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