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  • News from the PIPOA - Marvin Jones, President

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    May 11, 2022

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    Full Transparency and Disclosure
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    As always, let me have your thoughts. You can reach me at or call me at 469- 231-3485. You can also call the Padre Isles Property Owners Association (PIPOA) office with  any questions you have at 361-949-7025. 

    Short-term Rentals (STRs)- On Friday, May 6, 2022, the City’s Short-term Rental Stakeholders  Committee met. The current thinking by the City is to create at least a two-tier system for the  RS-6 zoning throughout the City. Tier one would prohibit STRs in RS-6. Tier two would allow  STRs with registration in the RS-6 areas. The RS-6 zoning prohibits rentals of less than 30 days.  Therefore, it is unclear how the City will allow STRs in tier two without changing the RS-6  zoning designation. Said another way, if the City allows STRs in the RS-6 zoning, the City will  be violating its law. I don’t think the City has thought this through properly.  

    The City staff, the Committee members, and the City Council Members are fully aware that the  vast majority of PIPOA members do not want (and are willing to vote their opinion) STRs in the  RS-6 zoning.  

    There are at least three short-term rentals in the PIPOA RS-6 zoning that operate regularly. The  neighbors have reported these STRs to the City over and over again. These STRs are not  registered with the City. The City Code enforcement is at a loss on how to enforce their own  ordinance. The local City inspector has been prohibited from investigating these properties on  Thursdays or Fridays. Question: Why are the inspectors not investigating on Thursday or  Friday? I think it is time for a meeting with the Code Enforcement Administrators and the  neighbors of the STRs.  

    ISAC (Island Strategic Action Committee)- On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, I attended the ISAC  meeting. The PIPOA has a new representative on the ISAC. He is Bob Corbett. Bob has an  engineering background and will represent PIPOA members with enthusiasm.  

    The Corpus Christi Police presented rules and regulations for golf carts and other related  vehicles. These vehicles must have a license plate. The plates are available through Nueces  County. Drivers of these vehicles, when on public streets, must have a driver’s license. How  many times have you seen 12-year-olds driving these vehicles on public streets?  

    Coyotes- Last weekend, I had an interesting experience. A coyote took up residence on the side  of my neighbor’s house. He was acting strangely. That is, he laid down and would not move.  He looked sick or injured. Given this odd behavior, I called the Police non-emergency number  in hopes of getting animal control to pick the coyote up and relocate him or give him medical  treatment if needed. The non-emergency number forwarded my call to the City’s regular  complaint line. The complaint line stated the City was closed and hung up on my call. I decided  to call the emergency 911 number (I would not normally do this as this was not a true emergency  unless the coyote had rabies). The 911 number rang 25 times without an answer. I was glad I  wasn’t reporting someone lying in the street bleeding. I hung up, waited five minutes, and  redialed. The call was answered on the 12th ring. I was advised that the City Animal Control  does not work on weekends, and the City does not deal with coyotes because they are wildlife. I 

    was further advised to call Texas Parks and Wildlife. I went out to check on the status of the  coyote. He remained by the side of the house. My cellphone rang, and it was a Game Warden.  Apparently, the 911 operator had reached out to the Game Warden (good on him).  Subsequently, two Game Wardens came out and attempted to capture the animal. The animal  finally ran off, thus getting away from the Game Wardens. The Game Wardens were very  professional and pleasant to work with. Wile E. Coyote is still on the loose and looking for the  Road Runner! End of story.  

    Marvin Jones, PIPOA President