Maybeth Christensen

Executive Coordinator

(361) 949-7025 x 1002

 [email protected]

The Executive Coordinator  acts as the Chief Operating Officer of the association. She is responsible for carrying out the instructions of the Board of Directors, and overseeing the day-to-day activities of the organization. responsible for the final approval of all plans submitted to the Architectural Control Committee; for scheduling the bulkhead maintenance work; for the control of the finances of the Association; for the development of grants and contracts for services with vendors; for reporting to the membership on the activities of the POA verbally and through the Quarterly newsletter; and for compliance with the covenants of the Association.

<—- Dan Hawkins                                                              Sam Glover—->

Compliance Inspector                                               Compliance Inspector

(361) 949-7025 x 1005                                             (361) 949-7025 x 1006

[email protected]                                                            [email protected]


The Compliance Inspectors are responsible for visually evaluating member properties, from the exterior of property lines, to determine violations of the Protective Covenants Maintenance of Standards as well as evaluating construction projects for general compliance with the plans and specifications as approved by the Architectural Control Committee.





Lisa Underbrink

Office Manager

(361)949-7025 x 1003

[email protected]

The Office Manager maintains information on construction projects, places liens on delinquent properties; provides current financial and property information on each lot in Padre Isles; and prepares annual and quarterly fee statements.