The PIPOA offices will close at 4 PM today to allow staff to also get their property ready for the storm.
IMPORTANT – What you will need in the event we have to leave the Island and there is major damage —-
First – residents will not be allowed back on to the Island until all services have been restored. That is, electricity, water, sewer, gas.
Next – In order to get back on to the Island – you will need
a photo identification (driver’s license works). If you have
your Island address on the driver’s license, you will also need
a utility bill or another document which shows you belong on the Island, a lease, closing papers, insurance info (all documents you should take with you anyway)
Next – If you do not have an Island address on your driver’s license you will also need 2 other things with the Island address on it. Please note the suggested documents above.

The round blue sticker will not get you back – you need the above information.
The hurricane re-entry cards which we used to give out – no
longer are recognized by the CITY so, again, look at the previous list to make sure you have the documents with you or as an alternative on your phone. Take a picture and save it on your phone if you don’t want to carry it.

Please be aware that if mandatory evacuation is ordered by the CITY, and if you stay, no emergency services will be available for you in case you have an emergency. In other words, you
stay at your own risk.

Stay safe and we hope we are back up and running on Monday.

Please watch the TV stations or listen to KLUX 89.5 FM for emergency updates and news regarding the storm.