01/13/2021: Audited Financial Statements – December 31, 2019

12/10/2020: 2021 Budget – 2021

12/03/2020: PIPOA Recommendations Regarding Short Term Rentals

11/16/2020: If you have not already submitted a survey response about short term rentals, please click HERE to download a survey form to send to the PIPOA.

You may mail your completed survey to the PIPOA at 14015 Fortuna Bay Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78418. Or, you may send your response by email to padreislespoa.net.

11/13/2020: Bulkhead Manual

11/13/2020: PIPOA Newsletter – Fall 2020

10/31/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

10/30/2020: PIPOA Org Chart

10/23/2020Water Quality Data – 2020

10/21/2020: News from the PIPOA – Full Transparency and Disclosure – Article from Marvin Jones, President

10/16/2020: 2021 PIPOA Board of Directors Election

10/13/2020Water Quality Data – 2020

10/09/2020: News from the PIPOA – Full Transparency and Disclosure – Article from Marvin Jones, President

09/28/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

09/11/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

08/28/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

08/20/2020: NOTICE from the PIPOA Regarding Board Appointment

Due to the resignation of John Weis, the PIPOA has an empty Board seat. Approximately six months is remaining for the term of this seat. If you are a member interested in being appointed to fill the Board seat for six months, please send a letter or email of interest along with your resume to Jim Smock at [email protected] or call 361-949-7025. The Board hopes to appoint the new Board member at the August 25th Board meeting. The registration period started on August 19th and will run until August 24th at 5:00 PM. We understand this is somewhat short notice, but because the six-month term is so short, the seat needs to be filled as soon as possible. There will not be a meet the candidate event due to the short time period to fill the seat and the COVID-19 restrictions. Each applicant’s resume will be forwarded to each Board member immediately as it is received. Please include your email and a phone number on your letter or resume in the event a Board member may wish to contact you to discuss your qualifications.

08/14/2020: Summary of Spring Survey

08/14/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

08/03/2020: Mosquito Spraying Schedule for August 3 – 7

08/03/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

07/29/2020: Investigation of Alleged Allegations Proffered by Marta Sprout, Unnamed Sources, and Ray Morais, Jr. – July 24, 2020

07/20/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

07/14/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

07/06/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

06/22/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

06/05/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

05/01/2020: Water Quality Data – 2020

04/03/2020: Given the continuing public health situation, the PIPOA office will no longer accept payments for CAM fees and vehicle or trailer stickers through the front door.  We will be happy to assist you by phone, taking payments via a credit or debit card.   Payments may also be made by mail.   If you wish to purchase a sticker(s) by mail, we will be happy to mail your sticker(s) to you. This action is to better ensure the well-being of both property owners and the PIPOA staff. Thank you for helping us to help you.

03/31/2020: PROPERTY OWNERS! For your protection, always make sure you receive a copy of a building permit from the City of Corpus Christi AND an approval letter from the POA/Architectural Control Committee, before initiating construction projects…and before your write a check! Neither the City nor the POA give verbal approvals. Your contractor should always provide you a copy of your permits! You can also view the status of permits with the City by going here: https://ccpay.cctexas.com/IPSCDR/Views/Login.aspx

03/23/2020: The City of Corpus Christi has cancelled the Litter Critter scheduled for Saturday, April 18th has been cancelled.

03/17/2020: Corona Virus – POA Office

03/16/2020: Election 2020 – Results Summary

02/24/2020: The PIPOA is seeking applicants to register for the recently vacated Board seat with a term remaining approximately two years.  The registration period opens today, February 24, 2020, and shall remain open until Friday, March 6, 2020, at 5:00 PM.  Please send a letter of interest with a brief Bio to Jim Smock, Executive Director at [email protected], or drop off at the PIPOA Office located at 14015 Fortuna Bay Drive.  If you need any additional information, contact Jim Smock at 361-949-7025. 

A meet the candidate will be held on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, at 5:30 PM at the Holiday Inn Express on the Island.  Immediately following the meet the Candidate forum, a Special Board meeting shall be held for the Board to appoint a replacement for the empty Board seat.  The only item on the agenda for the Special Board meeting will be the appointment of a new Board member. 

02/20/2020Winter Newsletter 2020

02/05/2020: Dan Herrington announced resignation from the Board of Directors. Dan Herrington – Resignation – February 5, 2020

01/20/2020: For dumping or littering in the canals, please contact Game Warden Sam Padgett at 361-813-3328.   Photos of the dumping/littering including the boat identification, if applicable, would be helpful.  Photos may sent to Mr. Padgett at the same number.

11/25/2019: Notice from the PIPOA: The PIPOA has been made aware that certain persons from the Sea Pines subdivision have made a second filing at the Neuces County Clerks Office. The filing purports to terminate the protective covenants of the Sea Pines Subdivision. The filed documents have been sent to the PIPOA Attorney for review. The PIPOA will issue a statement regarding the matter after the legal review is completed.

Election Committee – Call for Volunteers!

Meet Our New Board Member – Dan Herrington

Board of Director Candidate Forum – July 18, 2019

BOD Appointment Process Notice


Be sure to check out the Padre Isles Property Owners Association Facebook page for regular updates from Board President Marvin Jones.

Election 2019 – Recount Results – June 14, 2019

06/06/2019: To protect the utility equipment in Billish Park, the POA is erecting a temporary enclosure; again, this is temporary enclosure.   The POA has one proposal and is waiting on a second proposal for a permanent enclosure.

City of CC DQ Notice

Committee Membership Application

Notice of Hearing – April 17, 2019

Statement of Hearing – April 4, 2019

2019 Ballot Clarification – February 8, 2019

AEP Announcement – January 21, 2019

BOD Statement 12-13-2018

Frost Bank Concern

POA Investment Policy

2016 Island Standards letter

Signed letter to owners 1-13-15 – Update on Community Center