Articles of Incorporation, adopted in 1976, in accordance with Texas Nonprofit Act, established Padre Isles Property Owners’ Association (PIPOA) as trustee, custodian and administrator of a maintenance fund specified in the Protective Covenants established for each of our 35 separate subdivisions. These legal documents, running with the land itself, address such subjects as: Landowners’ Agreements, Architectural Control, General Land Use, and Size, Design and Placement of Improvements. The corporation, with an average annual operating budget, is organized exclusively for promoting social welfare and providing facilities for protection, pleasure, recreation and furthering the benefit of owners in all developed subdivisions.

Membership in PIPOA is automatic for anyone acquiring record legal title to any property within Padre Isles. Specific details regarding membership, voting rights, meetings, corporate management, officers, assessments etc. are contained in our Bylaws.

Landowners’ Agreements detail annual maintenance charges payable to trustee for common area maintenance and community area preservation. Fees are based on property square footage with or without improvements.

Architectural Control involves a detailed approval/inspection process for every building, structure or improvement of any nature to be erected, placed or altered on any lot. Specific guidelines are found in our Architectural Control Committee’s Policy and Procedure Guide, available under building information on the home page.

Size, Design and Placement of Improvements deal with: facing, minimum square footage, building lines, wind loading, aesthetics, fences/walls, foundations, height and parking areas. In addition to specific, individual covenant language, we also have General ACC Guidelines listing minimum square footage requirements, maximum building height and building lines for single family construction projects in all subdivisions.

Hurricane Preparedness is a way of life on the Gulf Coast and everyone needs to develop some type of plan to ensure individual and property protection as well as evacuation and return procedures.

Windstorm Insurance coverage is difficult to obtain from private carriers; however, Texas Catastrophic Property Insurance Association (CATPOOL) will provide coverage.

Federal Flood Insurance premiums are based upon Base Flood Elevation (BFE) in effect at time of construction and height of first habitable floor in relation to that BFE. Current BFE’s are either 9′ or 10′ for most habitable areas of Padre Island.

Taxes are based on 100% of assessed (fair market) value. Your taxes may be reduced by certain Homestead, Disabled Persons/Veteran or Senior (over 65) exemptions, which must be specifically applied for by a property owner. For additional information, call Nueces County Appraisal District Office at 881-9978.